Hello Beautiful Spirit!

You are invited to join a moonthly sanctuary—a mystical portal—of oracular art, music, and the energy of the moon’s cycles so that you can connect with the beauty of your unique soul.

Each moonth, we gather to consciously engage with these energies to co-create the life we dream and desire.

This is a place to be nurtured, renewed, and grounded into the tranquil embrace of sisterhood.


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Connect with your Soul

Journey with the Oracle is a safe, inviting sanctuary where you can deepen your relationship with your soul—the most important relationship you will ever have. 

At this time, many of the feminine soul codes have all but been extinguished. Fear and chaos preside, making the conditions difficult to listen to your inner knowing. 

In quiet moments, before drifting off to sleep or when connecting to nature, perhaps you feel the sensitive whispers and cries of your ancestors, asking you to remember your true essence and reclaim a relationship with spirit—to remember the song of your soul. 

When you yield to these whispers and reconnect with your soul, you’ll feel held in an abundance of love, knowing that you are worthy of your dreams and desires. 

As a precious member of Journey With the Oracle, you’ll be given specific tools and support to nurture this essential relationship. 

Through the use of symbols via art, music, and the moon, you’ll access an inner spaciousness and peace of mind to pause, hear, feel, and remember your soul’s unique language … its unique song. 

. . . And by being in community, you’ll create soul connections with soul sisters. 

As you deepen with the art, music, and moon, you'll: 

  • Create & connect with your own soul language 
  • Deepen your relationship with your soul
  • Access spiritual, alchemical codes 
  • Receive messages from your intuition
  • Connect with like-hearted sanctuary members
  • Remember you’re worthy of your dreams
  • Access your emotional well-being



“KarenElizabeth has developed a practice that is exciting to someone like me who is always looking for something that will challenge me out of my normal way of thinking” ~ Erin


Connect with your Soul Today

Nurture Your Soul Each New Moon

Every moonth, at the new moon, you’ll have immediate access to an intuitively selected, high vibrational piece of art created by KarenElizabeth. 

This specially curated painting—a print will be mailed to you!—holds the energetic theme for the month. 

It’s an oracle that amplifies the new moon’s energies, supercharging your dreams and intentions into reality.

On the new moon, you can gather, live, with KarenElizabeth and other members on Zoom to journey into the heart of the painting and receive a special oracular message from your soul.

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per month

You'll Receive Instant Access to the Journey with the Oracle's Member's Temple 

1 Month Free



You'll Receive Instant Access to the Journey with the Oracle's Member's Temple 

Each Moonth, You’ll Receive: 

  • Oracle Art ~ a portal to higher spirit, created by KarenElizabeth; includes key words & themes to contemplate (uploaded to the membership portal AND a print will be mailed to you as a bonus!)
  • Monthly Codes, Symbols, & Messages ~ embedded in that month’s art, channeled by KarenElizabeth
  • Live Group Journey/Meditation on Zoom ~ quiets the mind so you can hear spirit’s messages & set intentions for the month, while connecting to a supportive community 
  • Recorded Guided Journey/Meditation ~ deepen with the oracular art; download & listen any time (20mins)
  • Moon Astrology ~ astrological guidance & wisdom about the month’s cycle
  • Sacred Soul Spirit Ritual ~ aligned with the new moon’s elemental energy
  • 1-2 Music Playlists ~ embody the energy of the moon's theme & feminine codes through music 
  • Journal Reflections ~ listen to & write your soul’s message 
  • Community ~ connect with like-hearted souls in a nurturing sanctuary 

All available on demand with 24/7 access online. 

Journey when it's convenient for you.

Start Your Journey 

Orion's Nebula

Orion's Nebula©KarenBalonArt

This is for You if You Love ❤️. . .

💫 Working with oracle art, cards, decks 

💫 Connecting with the energies of the new 🌑 and full 🌕 moons 

💫  Journeying/meditating

. . . And you’re ready to:

💫 Supercharge your moon 🌗 manifesting practice

💫 Spark your creativity

💫 Open your intuitive channel with your guides & the universe

💫 Deepen your relationship with your soul

🌟 Each Moonth in the Membership Temple, You’ll Receive:  

🌒 Live Oracle Journey & New Moon Temple on Zoom

(recorded if you can’t come live)—$150 

🌒 Journal Reflections—$22

🌒 1-2 Music Playlists—$22 

🌒 Elemental Embodiment Rituals—$33  

🌒  Weekly Moon Wisdom & Astrology Report—$33 

(delivered to your inbox every Sunday)

🌒 Downloadable Guided Journey (20 mins)—$88  

(Value $348)


🌑 Original Oracle Art print mailed straight to your home, each new moon—Priceless

Choose the option that works best for you

Most Flexible


per month

You'll Receive Instant Access to the Journey with the Oracle's Member's Temple

1 Month Free



You'll Receive Instant Access to the Journey with the Oracle's Member's Temple

"KarenElizabeth's Oracle art is filled with cosmic and super sonic codes that will expedite your transformational journey! Each line and stroke are filled with powerful and transcendent transmissions. I highly recommend journeying with her potent and passion filled Oracle Art! ~ Lainie Love Dalby

Meet KarenElizabeth 🔥🌓💃,

Creatrix of Oracle Art & Certified Moonologer 

I’m so happy to welcome you to the Journey with the Oracle Temple

It’s a blessing to receive visions of the paintings that I intuitively create. When I connect into Mama Earth, Luna, and the Universe, the images come through and marinate over time, eventually emerging into paintings.

Each original artwork starts with a vision and is infused with high vibrational energy, sacred symbols, and words of intention for the highest good of all. After, it is anointed with holy oils.

I create the paintings with powerful, transcendent transmissions from the Divine Feminine, Womb Wisdom, Cosmic and Goddess codes. 

These become direct messages—a soul language—that your essence understands, guiding you each month.  

My prayer is that as you connect  with the sacred art and its oracular messages, you’re able to stand more authentically in your divine feminine essence and find the courage to share your medicine. 

Peace & Love,

KarenElizabeth 🔥🌓💃


  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “Journeying with KarenElizabeth's Oracle art is powerful and when the experience is steeped in information about the moon there is an explosion of medicine being offered.  ”

  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “There’s magic in Fire Moon Goddesses paintings. ~
    Each painting holds personal messages just for you ~”


How soon will I have access to the members Temple?

When you join, you’ll have instant access to the members Temple and a wonderful video to give you a tour of the space, so you know how to utilize it.

What if I can’t keep up with the content?

Everything will be stored in the members Temple. You have access to this 24/7, as long as you are a member of the temple. 

What if I can’t come to the live new moon calls on Zoom?

No worries. There will be recordings made available to you on the members temple.

What if I need to cancel? 

Things happen and if you need to cancel, no worries. You can cancel any time with an easy self-cancel option.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be offered.

Annual contributions are at no obligation to renew.

Reserve your spot now

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Calliope 2 1

Calliope© KarenBalonArt

Summary of Your Moonthly Oracular Guidance 

Every month, you’ll be supported with oracular guidance provided to you via:

  • Original Artwork—plus the specific messages, symbols, and codes embedded within it (uploaded into the portal AND mailed to your home)
  • Astrological Moon Guidance—highlighting each month’s energies & providing inspiration to work with its elements  (KarenElizabeth is a certified Moonologer)
  •  Music—intuitive playlists to help you embody the codes & energies of that month  

Have Questions?

If you need help or have any questions, email me karen@firemoongoddess.studio