The Space Between

Welcome Beautiful Soul's to the Libra moon cycle and our painting The Space Between! I look forward to hearing what messages She has for you. As Always, I encourage you to share anything that you feel called to share. 

As I shared in the Artist Musing's at the beginning of our module, I'm reading Burning Woman by Lucy H. Pearce. I feel called to share here what she wrote. 

ThresHold from Burning Woman by Lucy H Pearce

“Where do we go, when we don’t know where to go?

How do we get to where we do not know?

Welcome, I see you there, standing on the threshold. Step further into the darkness, into your own darkness. Follow the sound of my voice. You cannot see me. You have no need for your outer eyes and ears here.

Here you are. Alone. But not alone.

I am here for you, holding space waiting with you.

This is the space between dreaming and becoming. The liminal space. The held breath.

Perhaps the first time in your life you are standing in a space which is not defined in any way by the masculine. This is No Man’s Land. The threshold where time and space coalesce in a different way and we re-emerge in a new identity. Here we come to reclaim our words, our images, our spirits, our souls. Here is where we meet our Feminine power.

Rest here. Allow the shadow space to embrace you in your wholeness. Here you lie in the womb of infinite possibilities. Here you can let go of your projections, your personas, your stories. Lay them down and allow yourself to rest. Know yourself without limits. Get intimate with your essence.

This is the place of creativity. The passing pace of life and death. Where existence flits in and out between pure consciousness and the material realm.

Settle in, make yourself at home.

Time does not apply here. Only truth. You cannot hurry this place. It is the resting space of eternity. This is the space you must inhabit to hear the call, the whisper of your soul, the shouts of She. This is the space which always holds the sacred invitation to healing, becoming. This is where your invitation to dance in the flames can always be found.

This is the place you will return to time and again.

Are you willing to wait the space between stories? To sink into the warm depths of yourself and listen without agenda?

Behind the fear, the planning, the cleverness and noise. Behind it all. The invitation is waiting for you; the call is sounding.

Can you hear it? Are you listening?

Can you feel it? Are you here?

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