Below is a "Poem" that came thru during one of my journey's with Feronia 

Rise Sister Rise! by KarenElizabeth 🔥🌓💃

I stand before you naked in pain and sorrow of my deep wounds.

Secrets buried deep inside.

So much to Share.

Wanting to Hide.

Burn! Burn it all away!

Keep Inquiring

Go deeper and deeper.

You’re getting closer to unlocking what you're ready to see. 

The next wound ready to be transformed.


Burned Away.

This is not for the faint at Heart.

This is for ALL the Burning Womxn screaming inside!

Let me out! Let Me Out!!! Let Me FUCKING OUT!!!!!

Burn & Rise. Burn & Rise Sister. Burn & Rise!

We’ve got this, are you coming with me?

Or am I going to do this Alone?

One last look of what I’m letting go of,

Leaving behind as I take the courageous step towards healing.

Maybe I’ll see you on the other side? 

Maybe I won’t?

Come with me Sister & let’s Rise Together.

Rise Sister Rise!

Looking forward to Rising together as we Journey with Feronia.

So Much ☮️ & ❤️

KarenElizabeth 🔥🌓💃


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