Harmonious Balance with my Divine Masculine & Feminine through Cosmic Spiral

I feel called to share how Cosmic Spiral has supported me as I journeyed with the Keywords "Harmonious Balance"

As I continue with my own transformational healing work, I have became very aware that my Divine Feminine & Masculine were in a continuous tug-of-war with each other. Fighting to have control over one another, instead of being in support of each other.

As I journeyed with how they could find a "Harmonious Balance"spiraling into the portals of Cosmic Spiral, I allowed my Masculine & Feminine to voice their thoughts. Using the question, I am one who.....? The Feminine said, I am the one who feels trapped. The Masculine said, I am the who needs to keep us/you safe.

For me as I journeyed, the tight spiral of Cosmic Spiral has a Masculine energy & the Free Flowing tendrils have a Feminine energy. A Harmonious Yin/Yang balanced energy. (In my natal chart, my Mars is in it's home sign of Aries, the Warrior of Warrior's & my Venus is in Aquarius, the free thinking visionary and where my art comes from). My Feminine wants to soar the cosmos & my Masculine wants to keep us grounded & safe. The only way he knew how to do this was through Warrior controlling oppression which did not make my Feminine at all happy. Basically they were in a head lock with each other.

As I continued to journey with Cosmic Spiral asking how can they come to a "Harmonious Balance" with each other? Each journey got them closer to each other and they have started to find a way to considerately and compassionately communicate with each other. Being in support of each other instead of fighting with each other. Ultimately this has also changed the way I not only communicate with myself, but with others, including my Beloved Bradley in a more compassionate considerate way. 

Journeying with one piece of Oracle Art of Cosmic Spiral for a Whole moon cycle has supported me & allowed for a deeply profound healing journey. 

I've intuitively known that each time we journey with the Oracle art over a whole moon cycle we create our own intimate language with the art and it is then able to take us deeper and deeper into our Intuition and Higher~Selves. 

Thank you for allowing me to vulnerably share a small part of my healing work with you ❤️


Dear Karen, your healing journey is beautiful and inspiring. Your sharing allows others to break silence and speak out on difficult personal subjects. Communication is a gateway to healing. Thank you, my friend!

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Thank you Ann! ❤️ Yes, communication is a gateway to healing. 💫 It is an honor to be able to share my healing journey with others. 

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