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I am in awe of this beautiful piece.  I couldn't ignore the eye in the middle.  I see the pupil, clarity, focus, awareness, point of view, and reflection. I can close my eye and deprive myself of the sense coming in sitting in darkness, cleansing, going inward.  

The tendrils all the different directions I may be pulled in.  Things on my plate- the plate is full or will be getting full.  How can I remember to return to the center of the flower or eye?  The dark line if the eye is a boundary, reminding me  that it is okay to set boundaries and stick to them.  It is okay to not  get to everything on the plate and stick to what I know I can do.  This was a beautiful message. 

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Beloved Jana! Wow, just wow! So many amazing insights & messages. The pupil, the tendrils the boundary line. I love how the boundary line is a reminder that it is ok to set and stick to your boundaries. Yes, yes, yes! And even though, we may have very full plates, coming back to center is how we maintain our strength and grounded-ness. ❤️

May I suggest that you make a copy of what you wrote and put it on your altar or put on the back of your SuperStar Oracle print as a reminder to come back to center when those life tendrils get a bit overwhelming. 🌀

Thank you so much for sharing this. When I first read your share I cried, as this is exactly why I created JWTO! I knew the oracle art had so very much to share. 

With your permission, I'd like to add your symbol/code descriptions in the oracle symbols & codes tab of SuperStar 🙏

Please continue to Shine your Magic 🌟  the world needs it. 

Hugs, KE

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