Radical Self Love

Hello Beautiful Soul Family,

As some of you know, I made a promise to myself & started a Detox/Cleanse on Sept. 7th. 

Every time I said those 2 words, Detox. Cleanse. The words felt negative to me. Even though it's truly a positive action. Which got me thinking, how can I feel more positive about this Amazing gift I was giving my Goddess Body Temple? 

Radical Self Love 

Yup, I was giving myself, Radical Self Love! I wasn't punishing myself or being mean to myself, I am loving MySelf. 

HOWEVER, I realized that I have a pattern of making promises to myself and never keeping them. Which is fascinating, as I never ever would break a promise I've made to anyone else. Which got me wondering, why is everyone else more important & worthy than myself? That's when on Tuesday morning, the day I started my Detox, the Universe gifted me this affirmation from my Moon Bowl. 

Every day I bring Radical Self Love to My Goddess Body! ❤️

So every day that I choose me, I'm gifting myself Radical Self Love! And a gold star ⭐️

I'd love to hear what Radical Self Love you're giving yourself, so that we can support & cheer you on!

Hugs, KE


Hello my beautiful friend - 

I don’t want to shock you but yes, I finally made it here! I completely understand what you have shared and value it very much. This path is the most peaceful one. Self care is always a priority although not easy for some of us.

In my practice, I utilize mindfulness with all of my clients but I wonder why it’s so hard to do the same for myself? This is something to work on. Not through awareness but though implementation. It is my path though and an exciting one.

When you have time, I’d love to hear more about the cleanse. I have never done one and I find it’s time to cleanse my body as much as my mind.

I send love to you and all ….

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Hey Sweetie, 

Yes, I must say, slightly shocked! LOL But definitely happy that you found your way here, finally!

Ahhh, yes, Implementation. That is a main key for sure. Not always the easiest. Simple steps & consistency. One of my favorite ways to do this is with rituals. 💫

Will try to connect with you on Thursday. Virgo season is definitely a supportive energy for cleansing of the mind and body. 

Talk soon, Love you! 💞   

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Looking forward to hopefully speaking with you. You are soooo missed.

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