I am feeling very connected to eves roots and legs.  I am also in aw of her fiery crown.  I was noticing while in nature this weekend that I am seeing those same colors in the leaves of the trees right now.  Which is so perfect for journeying with her.  I am finding breath work to be very grounding in this time.  My mind is very chatty with thoughts bouncing all around.   I am hoping the more I breathe and root down with my own feet on my yoga mat and on my meditation seat, I can ease some of the turbulence.  I know nothing is permanent.  Another connection to the leaves falling in the painting.  These thoughts and feelings will ebb and  flow.  I am sitting in my thoughts and experiences and will journey with them instead of stuffing them or pushing them aside.  I am whole and human.  I am rooted and will move with the wind.  Thank you. 

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Thank you for your beautiful and insightful share. Yes, to the synchronicities of the autumn color palette. Of letting things fall away so that Mama Earth can compost them into fertile soil for what is to come. 

Glad to hear meditation and breath work are helping to calm the chatty thoughts and turbulence. Keep journeying into Eve's legs and roots, I feel there is potent messages the more you delve deeper into them. 

Stay rooted beautiful soul. 💞

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