Journey with Psyche

This morning I journeyed with Psyche, asking her assistance to help me release the grip of toxicity.

My vision:

I rode Dolphin into the Dark Depths of the Mother Waters, into Psyche's dark tendrils. Into the gripping entanglement. Slowly, gently, Dolphin nudges each tendril, releasing the hold on darkness (shame, blame, betrayal). Nudging each tendril to float free. I shine my beauty within the Dark Waters of the Mother -- my love, my wisdom, my innocence, crystal light.

The dark shape looses edges, opens like a flower. Hummingbird drinks it's nectar.

(I was listening to the meditation playlist on spotify and a commercial came on! Brought me right back to the physical world to draw and write it out on paper. I'm on my computer writing this and the image is on my phone. You can see the image on my instagram@lisabaechtle. One day, I'll have a phone and computer that are compatible!!!)

Love to all, Lisa

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Lisa, what an amazingly potent and powerful journey you had! Seeing the gentle releasing of the tendrils floating freely and the shimmer of your crystal light shining in the water! Yes, yes, yes! 🌟

I saw your IG post yesterday, I love seeing your visions being expressed through art. 💞🎨

Wouldn't it be nice if life weren't interrupted by ads! I know I have a playlist that has longer piece's of meditation music. I'll see what I can find? I'll either include them in an email or in the portal. 

As always, thank you for sharing. Witnessing you and your Beautiful Shining Soul 💫

So much love, KE 

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