40 Day Venus Retrograde ~ Self-love Initiation Journey

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Venus begins Her 40 day Retrograde journey of Initiation, (the journey of Ianna or  Persphone with Pluto) into the underworld on 12/19. 

Is there a daily Self-Love 💝 practice or ritual that has been calling you? OR, is there a daily practice or ritual that you no longer love doing and are feeling the call to release it? 

This is YOUR journey, choose something that you absolutely LOVE or that the Universe has been sending signs for you to do that you've been Resisting. Or is there something that you absolutely need FREEDOM from. 

For me, I've received MANY, MANY signs from the universe to begin an EFT/Tapping practice. Something I have resisted starting/doing. As I've been on my transformational journey, I've learned that if I am RESISTING something, that is a sure sign that I absolutely positively NEED to do it! Interesting that EFT is both releasing & self - love at the same time. 

So I hereby, in our community sharing space, commit to a 40 day ritual practice of EFT. 

In the comments to this post I will share updates and any aha's and/or break throughs. 

I would LOVE 💞 each of you to join me on the 40 day journey, even if you're a day or so late in joining. 

This is not about another thing to add to the to-do list or another thing we have to do perfectly. 

This is a journey of Honoring our Earthly Self & Re-Alignment. So that We may RISE as the Next Best Version of Ourself as Venus becomes a morning Star in late January 🌟

💫 If it is in Your JOY, I invite you to join me on this Journey 💫

In the Comments of this Post, SHARE what your Intentions, Aha's, ask for witnessing & support each other on this Journey together 💞

❤️ KE


Meditating with Phoenix this morning asking what needs to be burned away? My grief rose in flames. The millions of shards of innocence I left in the creek last year. Burning away illusions of safety and protection and home outside me. My grief is on fire. What will rise from these ashes? I don't know as I step off another edge into the mystery. Thank you for witnessing. Much love. Oxoxo Lisa

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Honoring & witnessing you in your vulnerable sharing and your fiery profound grief. I know for myself Venus going into retrograde yesterday took me on a hair raising raging express spiral into the underworld. I have a feeling She was also accompanying you on your journey with Rising. Standing shoulder to shoulder as we step off edges into the mystery. Much love & hugs, 💞 KE

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Thank you for witnessing and standing shoulder to shoulder with me. 

I've been thinking about your invitation to 40 day self care practice. I am joining you or have joined you! 

There is a big picture which involves many small and large actions. The BIG picture intent is to nurture my belonging to myself, to nurture my home within. I keep looking for a safe home outside of me to feel safe inside. I am flipping that. I am home and safe within myself. So my self care practice is committing to the inner work to release the toxicity of illusion; to commit to dancing with and trusting plant medicine and other beneficial medicines to release the toxicity of physical disease; to remain committed to my inner voice which whispers to me the qualities of receptivity, stillness, listening, patience. 

I am looking forward to supporting you and witnessing you in your self care practice of EFT! I hope others will join us.

Much Love, Lisa

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Beloved Lisa, first let me say, YES! So honored to have you step in with me on the 40 day journey 💞 I too, hope others are joining us. 

Sister speaks for me. I have been on a spiraling 🌀 journey of being/feeling safe and at home in my body. We are definitely standing shoulder to shoulder on that journey. May the helping spirits of plant medicine release the toxicity of physical dis-ease and may divine patience be with you. Sending a balm of healing energy, support and love. 

May Rising continue to help burn 🔥 away all that is now longer needed or serving you. I have a feeling our next Oracle will be supportive in coming home to yourself and earthly body. 

Thank you for honoring yourself, sharing and support 💞 

May we Rise Together ❤️‍🔥 Yuletide Blessings 🌠 KE

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Blessings as we journey into self care together and alone. oxoxoxoLisa

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This was shared with me and I want to share it with you. The form of the statements is much like EFT statements.

Just for today I will not worry

Just for today I will not be angry

Just for today I will do my work honestly

Just for today I will forgive

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings

Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor

Just for today I will be kind to every living being

Much love , Lisa

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Thank you for Sharing this Lisa!!

Definitely a good to use with EFT & will incorporate them into my daily practice.

I can think of another one to add

Just for today I will love and accept myself unconditionally 🥰

So far so good on my EFT 40 journey. 7 days straight, even if it's the last thing I do as I sit with the moon before going to bed. 

Much Love, KE 💞

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7 days Yay!!! I see you devoting yourself to self-love!

I have been honestly looking inward, finding forgiveness, journaling everyday with a spirit of curiosity, not criticism. I am continuing a daily rigorous plant medicine practice to assist body healing.

Yay for us!! oxoxoxLisa

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Yay for Us!! 

I am a firm believer in plant medicine. Seeing the plant spirit medicine of mama Gaia assisting and healing your earth body. And so it is! 🌱🌟💞

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Checking in Beloveds. We have reached the half-way point of our 40 day Venus Retrograde journey! 

So far I have tapped/EFT 20 days in a row. I wish I could say that it's made a dramatic change! Though I do feel that over time it is slowly helping to release my emotional attachment to sugar. Not sure if I shared that my goal is to release my deep seated belief and emotional attachment that sugar is love. 

I will say that I really haven't been craving sugar since I started tapping. So, I am considering that making progress. 🎉

Lisa, how are you doing with your self-love/care plant medicine journey? 

Anyone else? Even you just started this week. What are you noticing? 

❤️ KE

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