Qualities of Innocence

Journeying with Rise this morning:

I am Rising in Wonder and Curiosity

I am Rising with Imagination

These are Qualities of Innocence

I devote myself to exploring and living Qualities of Innocence

Every day is a Birth day!

I am Protector of Qualities of Innocence

so much love, Lisa

PS. I can feel Jupiter

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Lisa I feel the Rising to Wonder & Curiosity & Imagination to my core. Holy YES!  We have been so conditioned out of our wonder, curiosity & imagination. 

And Every day is a BIRTH day! 🥳

Love this share so much!!

Jupiter the planet of luck ~ moving into Pisces soon. Dream BIG, magnify our manifesting abilities. What do you what to dream in that has never been possible before? This is from my astrology notes prepping for our NM call. 😍

Hugs, KE

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